Our distinctive and special program consists of a wide range of products, and here we will mention only the key ones

  • Adjustable metal bed hardware (all types of metal beds, metal pads for beds, electric adjustable beds for home use, as well as nursing beds, hospital beds)
  • Mechanisms for armchairs (relax mechanisms, TV armchairs, pull-out systems)
  • Metal components for the furniture industry (furniture manufacturing, bed production, seating furniture production)
  • Telescopic engines (office desks)

Our advantage over the competition is the quality, delivery, price, possibility of quick action. Our working principle is ideas of the buyer and buyer-manufacturer cooperation and collaboration. First we synchronize with customers needs and wishes about a particular product, and then we proceed to making of construction standard, that is manufacturing technology as a precondition for precise calculations and quality offer. Then we start to manufacture tools and equipment for high series production and begin with making zero test series according to customer’s preference. After that we move to mass production according to customer’s specifications



  • Band saws
  • Circular saws
  • Shears for tin cutting
  • Eccentric press- cutters ( 5 t – 250 t)
  • Pillar drills
  • Apkatn presses
  • MIG – TIG Welding robots
  • MIG – TIG manual welding machines
  • Chamber blasting
  • Plasticization line
  • Galvanization line
  • Laser cut

Tool room

  • Milling
  • Grinders
  • Drills
  • Erozimats
  • NC
  • CNC Turning machine…

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