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The company Elektromehanika Ltd. was established in 1997 as a sister company or a legal successor of EMG – Elektromehanika, whose founding dates back to 1982. Work and activities of Elektromehanika Ltd is based solely on exports.

The company operates in its own premises in Ladanje Donje, at 6 Nikola Tesla Street, where the entire manufacturing process takes place. Most of the company’s revenue comes from sales of their products on the demanding EU market, especially in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, France, Italy, Hungary and Spain and partly in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria. Precisely with these markets the company generates around 90 percent of total revenues. Our products are sold directly to the US market and to the Far East. Some of them directly and some through intermediaries, Elektromehanika Ltd. products end practically in all parts of the globe.

Today Elektromehanika employs hundreds of workers assigned to multi-shift work adapted to production processes and the volume of production. Production capacities of the most important products are based on large series which is the basis of the entire manufacturing process and the organization and operation of the company.

Company Elektromehanika Ltd. is focusing on the production of metal components and fabricated metal products, and we should particularly single out

  • Engineering (making of project documentation and samples, test series)
  • Metal forming (cutting, shaping – punching, folding, drilling, grinding, etc.)
  • Connecting metal (manual and robotic welding, MIG and TIG puncturing)
  • Pretreatment for final processing (grinding, shot blasting, degreasing)
  • Final processing (galvanizing, plasticization)
  • Installation, final inspection and packaging for shipping
  • Machine processing (cutting, grinding, milling, drilling, turning, erosion)
  • Plastic injection

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